Tips on how to decorate your teenage daughter’s bedroom

Having some problem in decorating your daughter’s room? Problems in choosing colors for her room?
Why won’t you try to decorate it and show off your creative side? There are times that teenage girls like simply decoration on their bedroom. I’ll give you some tips on how to make your teen daughter’s room like a princess.
  1. Ask your daughter about the color of her room:
If you want to bright, ask her on what color she want and make her decide on the designs she like for her room. For girls, it’s better to have lighter colors such as pink, yellow, and baby blue.
  1. Re-arrange the furniture around the room
In order for you to re-arrange the room, look around the house for different items, such as desks or sheets, or things that have been stuck in closets, so that it makes your daughter’s room different.
  1. Retouch the paint of the ceilings and walls
If the color of the room faded away, you have to repaint it so that the lively shade of it brightened up.
  1. Get some good blinds or curtains.
Do you have curtains on your daughter’s room? Get some cool curtains that match her room. Or try some beaded curtains in front of your window, or even your door! If you can remove the doors on your closet, you can hang string curtains on a rod in the doorway. Isn’t it amazing?
  1. Install awesome lamp for her
Does she have a problem in lighting on her room? Put an awesome lamp with bright lights for the room.  Purchase great lamps at IKEA or any specialty stores for lighting and spice up her glam room!
  Make it sure that all of her things are in a cabinet and put a scented candles to spice up her wonderful room that you designed.


by Eccentric Yet Happy

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