In the genre of direct selling and multi-level marketing, Gano iTouch Philippines, continues to be a front liner, not only in terms of the business side, but more significantly, in creating top-notch, success-driven people.

Hard work and patience, is just one of the motivating factors that led Rizalde Anda, or “Andy” to get to his road to success.

Andy is presently a Silver Diamond Director for Gano iTouch Phils., and is celebrating his 1st year as Megastockist in Occidental Mindoro, main product outlet for the whole province.

“I came to first know about Gano through a gym mate, Linda Alado. It all started with having me try Gano PIOIR coffee,” fondly recalls Andy.

Prior to this, Andy was into chemical industry, being a chemist by profession. He spent almost 13 years in this business. However, there was a slump by year 2011. “The market got saturated”, he said. And by November of 2011, this was his first encounter with Gano i Touch.

“I signed up my membership November 17, 2011 to be exact. I went first into retailing”.

“A week after I joined Gano, my father had a stroke. Then he went into comatose, and eventually, he died.” And this particular incident in his life really got him to push all the more, he had to work double-time. His earnings from the retailing made it possible for the hospital bills to get paid.

And if he can do well in retailing, he realized a bigger opportunity in networking.

“The product is very good and effective. Plus management support is really very good. I had to know and understand Gano, product side and business side. I attended trainings. I tried to equip myself with all learnings I can get possibly get. It is very important and a must that you really have to know the products by heart. “

It was not an easy road for Andy. His wife, Ma. Teresa, had to leave the country to work as an OFW (nurse in Saudi Arabia) leaving their eldest with him who was barely 4 years old then. “It simply heartbreaking to see your wife leaving to work abroad and you have your son with you, who was barely 4 years old then. I promised myself that I need to be stable, find the right business for me, for my family’s sake. The investment we put in for having a Gano center came from my wife’s earnings and from the chemical business. It was all hard-earned money”.

Determination. Collaboration. Wise Spending. “I am not for those who will just wait for money coming from their loved ones working abroad, while you are not doing your share of the responsibilities here. Or worst, hard-earned money goes down the drain. ”

He first opened a center in Mendez, Cavite. And after only a week, a megastockist center opened in Batangas. A year after, Gano i Touch is conquering the whole of Occidental Mindoro, under Andy’s management.

Fact of the matter, there is always a risk in any business. But for Andy, “It takes a lot of guts and determination. Instead of allowing that risk to overcome you, figure out for yourself what is the reason for that risk and find ways to address it.”

Looking back, Andy says he made the right decision to join and invest with Gano i Touch. “The management support is very strong. Everyone is treated here like family. Good, quality products. Very supportive management).What else can you ask for?”

Gano is not all business. We advocate social responsibility as well. And this is top-of-mind.”

What for Andy is success?

“If I may share my formula for success, first is hardwork and determination. It is also important and a must that you know what you are talking about. You have to know your product and the business inside-out. Empower yourself. Go for trainings, do research, study. Do product experience. And make sure you are hands-on with the business.”

And what is his benchmark for success?

“I can say I am fulfilled if I see my children, all three of them, get to have good education, I can provide them with what they need, we have enough savings, and most importantly, everyone in the family is healthy and happy.”

Since 2007, GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc., a leading and reputable multi-level marketing company is the authorized and exclusive distributor for Ganoderma-based products in the Philippines. To know more about GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc. and how it can enrich your life, visit or call 706-3137/706-3152

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