Beautiful Caramoan: A guide to this wonderful place

Have you watched the hit reality TV show “Survivor”? If you noticed that several seasons of the said show was shot in the beautiful island of Caramoan.

Here’s a trivia: They’re at least seven international franchises of “Survivor” went to Caramoan. They are U.S. (2 seasons), Serbia (2 seasons), Israel (5 seasons), Bulgaria (1 season), Sweden (1 season), France (1 season) and India (1 season).

A lot of people want to visit this fantastic place. Caramoan is a town located in the northeastern part of Luzon. And it became famous for the awe-struck attraction and featured in a lot of TV shows locally and internationally.

Travelling around this wonderful island, there’s a lot of activities that you and your friends can enjoy while staying for several days in Caramoan.

Visit Gota Beach, Lantangan Beach, Bichara Island and Lahuy Island for a day of island hopping. If you love to go spelunking, there’s a lot of caves in Caramoan such as Omang Cave, Manipis Cave, and Culapnitan Cave.

If you like to pilgrim, visit Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary and Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel. With the rich religious beliefs of the people of Caramoan, you will see the awesome architectural structures there.

Love animals? Go bird watching at Caramoan National Park, as you amused yourself with a lot of diverse local and migrant birds in the park.

Other island destinations waiting to be explored are the long beach in Sohoton, Puting Baybay in Ilawod, Puerto Mina in Cagnipa, Tayac Lagoon in Pandanan, Bulang-bugang Underground Stream in Taisan, Sabitan Laya in Balibagan, Cutivas Island in Gogon, Bag-Ing Island in Haponan, Patag-Belen Waterfalls, Grotto in Mt. Caglao, Ocata Island Lighthouse in Gogon, Borocan Stream in Tawog and Hugsan Waterfalls in Hanopol.

If you like to want to see picturesque view of the sunset, long shorelines, powdery white sands, limestone rock formations, crystal clear water, and abundant reefs, visit Caramoan and chillax under the sun.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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