BUM unleashed their MY ATEEtude: I AM NOT TYPICAL collection

After playing around with risky colors like neon brights and loud prints, local clothing brand BUM takes on a more subdued, but still equally exciting and defined, design approach for its back-to-school collection called “My ATEEtude : I Am Not Typical”.

According to Benny Reyes, the senior merchandiser and designer for BUM, loyal patrons can expect this new collection to still bear the brand’s signature “rebel/emo” look. What they should watch out for are the new elements that would give BUM a distinct feel.

Neon brights, for instance, would still be in this back-to-school collection, but they’re now used only as “accents” to enhance I Am Not Typical’s new focus: digital prints.

“Digital prints are all the rage now, they come in different forms. And this trend will continue throughout the rest of the year.”

BUM is also introducing pieces that have a camouflage design for a more rugged feel.   “We have camouflage jackets. We also have camouflage pants for our girls  line.”

The brand is also continuing its line of colored chino pants, which were a hit in BUM’s previous “I Change the Rules” collection. He excitedly shares that the brand now has “woven polos with stripes and checks in dark colors,” which is a nod to BUM’s grungy, dark side.

Denim will still be the focal fabric for most of the bottoms, but BUM will continue pushing the development by bringing in new fabrics and elements every now and then.

“We have chambray shorts, or those above-the-knee bermuda shorts for guys. They may be new to our target market, but already the earlyadapters have bought them.”

As for I Am Not Typical collection’s girls line, BUM adds some feminine touch to its pieces. Flor Almosera, designer-merchandiser for BUM’s girls  line, says that BUM is making use of “floral printed fabrics and patterns,” which the brand has never done before.

“We still have those splattered prints, both for the tops and bottoms, that have become part of BUM’s trademark,” she adds. “But now, we’re introducing tops with lace accents and neon trimmings. Our colors are still bright, but less intense than neon brights.”

Flor also shares that BUM is coming out with a jumpsuit and reversible pants for girls. “Two different colors on two different sides of the pants. So, girls now have the option of choosing which side to wear.”

BUM is available in leading department stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.bumequipment.com.ph or like them on Facebook at http//www.facebook.com/bumequip.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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