Economic global trend set by Ph gets international business excited

The recent debate over Dan Brown’s novel  Inferno and its reference to Manila as the  ‘the gates to hell’, that has put the city in an unexpected spotlight,it has proved to be more favourable for the country than negative according to global company Bodog Nation, which recently made Manila its global HQ.

Recruitment Director Jade Forlani explains, “Dan Brown’s fiction writing style has earned him many fans and critics alike. His tales are fun, fast and furious but they are certainly not to be taken seriously as Manila proves to be a Super City in a country that has earned 7.9% GDP growth early this year, the highest economic growth in Asia. It is an exciting pace for the country and we could not be more privileged to be expanding Bodog Nation in this fantastic city.”

The Philippines is fast becoming economic mover in Asia, attracting the interest of global companies everywhere the same way it has appealed to Bodog Nation. It has over 800 employees working in Manila, and has the need to hire over a 100 in the short term to cope with their growth in the region.

 “Talent is vital to any company but in the Philippines the work ethic and application is as good as anywhere I have seen.  As a result,  getting the right people is very competitive.  This is why we’ve taken the unique step of throwing our doors open to potential employees by having two ‘Open House’ events on June 17 and June 20 in our Makati and Quezon City offices to allow local people a chance to meet us and bring their resume’s with them,” adds Forlani.

Bodog Nation recently launched their ‘Fire Yourself’ recruitment campaign designed to find smarter, talented people to join this multi-cultural, rapidly growing international company.

Join now and fire yourself!
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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