Well known French-Swiss DJ/singer QUENTIN MOSIMANN will invade Asia by storm!

It will be his first time to perform in Asia. Aside from being a DJ/singer, he also a model, performer, #74 of the worldwide ‘Top 100 DJs’ poll 2012, 5th Best French DJ (DJ Mag) and Best DJ Dance 2011 (Only For DJs Mag) and coach of the TV show “The Voice Belgium”

  Be there as he plays his greatest party hits on August 2 (Friday) at Palladium (Manila,Philippines) and on August 3 (Saturday) at Cubic (Macau, China). 


Between his electro-house and progressive style,  this DJ,  remixer and producer has proven his talent as a DJ, musician, and specially a vocalist who never fails to entertain the public. Quentin Mosimann, the French-Swiss « DJ-Singer » represents first and mostly a worldwide high-level performer with global clubs and festivals tours worldwide (USA, Canada, Egypt, Norway, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Israel, New Caledonia, UK, India…and now ASIA!)

Below is an exclusive interview with on his first live tour in Asia.

Interviewer: “How would you define your style of music?”
Quentin:  “Concerning my productions, I’m working on Electro-House and Progressive-House music because I like to alternate beautiful melodies with big drops, sometimes quite minimalist with strong percussions. Concerning my DJ sets, I can adapt the programmation with the audience, I can play more Tech-House in some countries like USA or Egypt. Some others are more Electro or mainstream. Anyway, the aim is that everybody has to be happy and in connivance with me.”
Interviewer: “How would you differentiate yourself from artists nowadays?”
Quentin: “Proposing something different is my main goal. I always admired Joachim Garraud because he was the first DJ doing a real performance live and that’s what I really want to do: entertaining the audience with a real show. That’s why I try to create an interactivity with singing, drums, keyboard. I try to push live at a next level.”

Interviewer: “What motivated you to become a dj / producer / singer?”
Quentin: “As I said, Joachim Garraud inspired me for being a DJ, and a DJ-singer especially because I wanted to propose something new and different, deejaying and singing were my 2 passions since I‘m a kid. The same for being a producer, I learnt drums at 4 years old, then the piano and singing, deejaying at 14. Producing music was always a huge part of my daily life.”

Interviewer: “What are your personal achievements as a DJ?”
Quentin: “The first time I played in Ibiza at 18 years old was a dream came true. Since then, there was playing at Mansion and Set Club in Miami, being ranked in the Top 100 DJ Mag, playing at Ultra Music Festival for WMC, playing at Inox Festival in France, being playlisted by awesome artists like Chuckie, Erick Morillo… But I have many many more dreams to achieve so let’s work !”

Interviewer: “What are your current interests and inspiration?”
Quentin: “I feed myself with the countries I visit, the people I meet. Inspiration can come at any time but fortunately I always have my laptop with me to work on it. I can be inspired while I’m cooking (another passion), watching TV, waiting for my plane… Well, I think my daily artist life is full of interests and inspiration, I’m lucky.”

Interviewer: “Is it your first time touring in Asia & are you excited?”
Quentin: ”Yes it is! I’m so excited to come and discover a new public, another culture. I really hope to make a huge party with Asian people.”

Interviewer: “What should audiences expect from your live tour?”
Quentin: “To have a party they will remember… I’m stressed out but really ready to perform as I never did for Asia. Be ready to dance, jump, scream, sing, travel, pogo, maybe support me for crowdsurfing… Well, ENJOY !

Interviewer: “Where do you see yourself in the future?”
Quentin: “I always answer that doing this job for the next 20 years represents my biggest dream for the future. I hope I will be on tour in countries I’ve never been yet, doing great collaborations, producing music, improving my shows. Let’s be back in Asia soon to check all this! ;)”

Quentin - Mosimann - I Drum U (Official                         Video)

After Quentin Mosimann’s first successful release on DJ Center, “I DRUM U”, which was on TOP100 Beatport Chart & was playlisted by Chuckie on BBC1 & compiled by Erick Morillo, Quentin is back to make more music headlines worldwide with  “POGO POGO” to mark the 100th release of DJ Center Records, one of the French leading Dance Music record company based in Paris!

Catch Quentin Mosimann as he brings an astonishing and unforgettable performance on August 2 at Palladium, Manila and August 3 on Cubic, Macau!

See you there!

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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