Party mood during the Open House recruitment day at Bodog Nation

Do you have a gruesome experience while applying for a job? Want to land a job in a BPO company?

Inside Bodog Nation’s party themed recruitment day 

Several years ago before I became a blogger, I had worked in a BPO company and I stayed there for 3 months. Whenever I applied for a customer service representative position, I encountered the same recruitment process all over again. 

Recently, I had a chance to witness one of a kind Open House recruitment day at Bodog Nation’s HQ located at 11th One Cyberpod Building, Eton Centris, in Quezon City. They also did the same event last June 17 at The Entreprise Center in Makati.

With a cocktail party theme, the applicants are in positive vibes when they did their interviews.

I had a chance to meet Bodog Nation Ambassador and eventologist Tim Yap who graces the Open House events at Bodog Nation’s Quezon City hub. And catching up with my fellow blogger friends and felt the party mood in Bodog’s spacious pantry.

Eventologist Tim Yap attended Bodog Nation’s Open House event.

And before I left the event, I was given a mysterious box which they called “Fire Yourself kit“. Inside the box includes a sample resignation letter, a cute mug, face towel, a match and a list on how to #fireyourself.

Tips on how to fire yourself

Have you fire yourself? Join the nation at Bodog Nation!

*Special thanks to Jenifer Balatico for giving me the permission to use her two photos.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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