Nowadays, there are wide array of acne treatments promises to remove pimples, and other skin-related problem. But still, there are a lot of alternatives to beautify your skin.

One time, I did a skin treatment that will remove the whiteheads and blackheads on my face. But after the procedure, I’d experience severe allergic reactions.

It’s been common issue to everyone of having acne especially to teenagers and even youngsters. Yes, since it occurs as early as 8 years old and it can still occur even in your 50s. Hence, those who are experiencing such thing should not get worry about it. However, people are not the same. If some don’t care of experiencing having acne, most probably there are ones who cares for it too. With that, we manage to search for ways on how one can possibly get rid from it.

What is Acne and how does it form?

Acne is a skin condition which occurs when the sebaceous hair follicles or commonly called as pores get clog with oil, dead cells and bacteria.

An acne blemish begins approximately 2-3 weeks before it appears on our skin’s surface. It starts in your sebaceous hair follicles/pores. Deep within each follicle, your sebaceous glands are working to produce sebum, the oil that keeps your skin moist and pliable. As your skin renews itself, the old cells die, mix with your skin’s natural oils, and are sloughed off. Under normal circumstances, these cells are shed gradually, making room for fresh new skin.

Dead skin cells may block the pores, resulting to over-accumulation of oil underneath. Bacteria that live on the skin naturally begin to grow and multiply in this site, triggering an inflammatory response causing a red, angry pore that we see as pimple already at the tail-end of the acne formation process.

Common Solutions

Because of acne’s common feature, a lot of people look for different solutions on how to get rid of this. Varieties of treatments have been discovered such as Overnight Spot Treatment, Topical Antibiotics and a lot more. Chemical and natural ways have been both studied too. But of course, not all get satisfied with its effects. Dermatologists are best to look for help as well in terms of acne problems. But of course, it is expensive compare in taking of those ready-made solutions (chemicals).

Unlike those typical treatments/solutions available, Proactiv Solution has been created alternatively to those chemicals that give out lesser effect or positive outcome to majority of users who are experiencing acne at their age. It can prevent acne at the root cause and destroys its cycle. Below are the products of Proactiv that can possibly help you free from acne.

The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) works by removing dead skin cells, ensuring that the pores don’t get clogged.

The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes excess oils too, eliminating food for bacteria.

The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment (Step 3) kills the bacteria and prevent proliferation

The Free Refining Mask helps reduce the inflammation and swelling.

Proactiv vs Other Treatment Methods

Common treatment methods definitely guarantee those who use their products a good output. However, other treatment methods only focus on what are visible and infected. And most of these methods leave scars and dark marks in your face. Aside from that, it doesn’t guarantee you a result that would prevent future breakouts. Proactiv Solutions in other hand, guarantee you what other methods can’t give.

There are 3 common treatment methods have been used by many before Proactiv.

  • Overnight Spot Treatments 
  • Topical Antibiotics
  • Oral Drugs
  • Derm Clinic Injections
  • Custom Derm Packs

Unlike Proactiv, Overnight Spot Treatment products contain high concentration of benzoyl peroxide at 5% or 10%. It can kill bacteria that exist in our face. However, it results out redness and irritation to our skin. But with Proactiv Solution, it only contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide which is a safe and effective concentration giving you assurance of leaving no irritation to one’s face if use. Highly recommended as daily use and can be applied all over the face. With Proactiv’s Advanced Microcrystal technology, eradicating bacteria is faster and gentler than common spot treatments.

Proactiv contains anti-microbial agent which makes it safe for long term use for the treatment and prevention of acne. It doesn’t contain any antibiotics unlike the Topical Antibiotics treatment method. An
Oral drug like isotretinoin or hormonal pills is only recommended if acne is severe. It is only advisable if prescribed by a dermatologist or a doctor. In other hand, it may be an effective treatment but somehow, we should also consider of its side effects and its effect to our body.

PDS or Philippines Dermatological Society campaigns awareness for Filipinos to only trust the services of highly qualified doctors/dermatologists, no more no less. Derm Clinic Injection procedure is extremely painful, and when done by inexperienced hands, may cause scars for life. And because acne is a cyclical condition, recurring acne imposes recurring painful injections. Compare to this method, Proactiv Solution’s effect is opposite to it. It is very gentle to different types of skin. With Proactiv’s advanced micronized benzoyl peroxide ingredients designed by Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, our goal to clearer skin should be painless.

Proactiv Solution costs lesser value compare to Custom Derm Packs. Although this treatment guarantee you successful result, but never ever think of a Derm Pack price of Php10,000 from expensive clinics are good enough!

Proactiv Solution is hailed as the world’s number 1 anti-acne. Millions of customers worldwide, including Hollywood Stars, can testify for it. You can see it for yourself too. Take a risk; if you’re not happy with the result, you can get your money back.

What are you waiting for? Be one of those millions of people to witness how possible it can be to get rid of acne.

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