Cheap ways to travel the UK

Due to the current state of the economy most people find travelling the UK on the cheap a challenge. Train, bus and air fare can come to eye watering totals regardless how early you arrange your trip. To ensue you travel safely and securely while getting real value for money car hire with Hertz UK is the only option you should consider.

For as little as £10 per day for rental of a vehicle for up to two weeks you can have a high quality car from Hertz that gives you the freedom to enjoy your holiday the way you want to. This spring/summer you can enjoy exploring the UK for seven days from the comfort of a fully aircon four door and all for just over a £100. That is exceptional value for money considering how much sightseeing you can do over seven full days.

There are many other car models to choose from to suit your itinerary, to receive a plan tailored to your needs visit Hertz website or call to get your quote.

Included in that price you are covered for collision damage waiver, theft protection, location service charges and more meaning that you can feel confident throughout your journey no matter what happens. Using your own transport means you will end up out of pocket if anything untoward should happen, from robbery and collision damages to general wear and tear your own car can potentially ruin your time away. Car hire however removes those worries so you can fully appreciate your journey while your personal vehicle is safe at home.

Hertz believes in excellence in everything they do and as such delivers high quality service like no other. From the exceptional service to the cheap cost of using their services car hire is the only logical way to travel.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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