Get up, clean the house, shower, go to work or school, sleep, and eat in between. These are activities we’ve turned into a routine everyday—give or take a few parties and/or vacations. Wouldn’t we all want to change it up a little to make doing these things much more fun?

Spice up your day by throwing in some music into the mix, using a portable mp3 player that you can bring with you anywhere, no matter what you’re doing.

“The Philips SoundDot range can be used for almost any activity,” remarks Ms. Poi San Mok, Philips Marketing Manager for Lifestyle Entertainment. “It’s compact and with an advanced yet delightfully simple design, making it a reliable mp3 player that’s small in size but big on fun.”

 She also adds, “You can use it while you’re cooking, driving on your way to work, hiking, reading, or while you’re simply taking a stroll in the park. All you have to do is to clip it on or slip it into your pocket and it won’t bother you at all.”

Designed for convenience, these mp3 players are equipped with LED and sound indicators for swift navigation. Each SoundDot includes a built-in clip for hands-free use, and also lets you enjoy up to 6 hours of music playback.

A FastCharge feature also allows you to charge the SoundDot for 6 minutes, equivalent to 60 minutes of play.

The entire range also comes with a Songbird program that lets you manage your music easily.

The range is comprised of the following models with different vibrant colors to choose from: SoundDot SA5DOT04BF in blue, SoundDot SA5DOT04PF in pink, and the SoundDot SA5DOT04WF in white.

The SoundDot also caters to fitness enthusiasts with a specific model that’s designed for rough workout activities.

“The SoundDot SA5DOT04KFS is an mp3 player equipped with both an armband and a built-in clip to free yourself up for some serious exercise,” remarks Ms. Mok.

According to Ms. Mok, the SA5DOT04KFS is made to be durable in order for it to withstand rigorous workout routines as well as bad weather conditions when you’re outdoors.

The model also comes with tailor fit sports headphones that will hug the ears comfortably. Just like the aforementioned SoundDot models, the SA5DOT04KFS also has LED and sound indicators for navigation, as well as a Songbird application and 6 hours of music playback.

Routine activities no longer have to be chores. All you need is a little music playing in your ears to switch it up a bit and get you into the groove for an entire day ahead.

The Philips SoundDot is now available in major electrical and gadget stores.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

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