Delectable Mexican-Italian meals at Benito’s Kitchen

Last week, a group of food bloggers gathered for an afternoon of discussion about SEO and blogging. And also,tasted the yummy foods from Benito’s Kitchen.

As they served delectable Mexitalian foods, with great ambiance and affordable prices, I was delighted to take a bite of their signature dishes.

In case you didn’t know, Benito’s Kitchen located along Katipunan Avenue-White Plains area and one of the owners of this establishment is fellow blogger Christian Uybengkee.

Affordable Benito’s Kitchen Ala Coron Pizza (217 pesos). The story about this pizza when one of the owner’s of Benito’s Kitchen encountered a similar pizza in Coron, Palawan. Eggs are included in their toppings list.  Though I have an allergy on eating egg, the taste is uber delish!

All-In Super Family Size Pizza, Benito’s Kitchen bestseller pizza. For P267, with thin crust pizza and it was cooked over a brick oven-baked. And also it has less pizza sauce on top and mixtures of toppings makes me want to eat more. 

Then, one of my favorite – Nachos Surprise. With affordable price of 80 pesos, with cheese and pork bits on top.

Nimbled over Cacao Shots. I also like one of the chocolate samplers: Mocha Shots.

Wanna taste their Soft Tacos? Filled with beef, cheese, greens and tomatoes. Nom nom nom…

What I liked about the place is that you can get your order from their Take Out counter and I love the food. They have partitioned room wherein you can do your meetings and conduct small seminars just what we did last August 24.

Want to more about Benito’s Kitchen, check out their Facebook page for more details.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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