Reaching out for your dreams

We do all have dreams in life. Some dreams came true, some are not.

I would like to share to you about one of my dreams when I was young:
When I was about six years old, I dreamt to be a doctor someday. I want to help a lot of sick people who are in need to be cure with their illness. But when I turned ten years old, I told myself that I want to be a journalist. I realized that I can be like Maria Ressa and Cheche Lazaro. I love to read interesting articles in TIME and Newsweek after my class and watching CNN every weekend. Also, I love to express my feelings by jotting down in my journal when I was in high school. My classmates knew me of having an extra paper every time we have an essay type of examination.
When I was in college, I took up Computer Science instead of taking up Mass Communication. Then, I got bored studying different kinds of programming languages. After college, I’ve changed jobs more often and landed a job in the BPO industry few years ago, but I left due to health reason. One of my mentors, Mommy Che told me: Follow your heart. Chase your dream!
In 2011, I fulfilled my dream: as a blogger. Instead of pursuing a career as a journalist, I’ve created a blog on Tumblr and transfer here on Blogger. The rest is history. Prior to this, I tried to blog in 2000 and 2004 but I didn’t continue it because I have no time to update my blog in Geocities and Blogspot (now Blogger).
I didn’t give up on fulfilling one of my dreams. Have you give up your dreams? Don’t lose hope in chasing your dreams.  
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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