More and more people are choosing to spend on products and activities that promote self-improvement, health, and wellness—and for the upper crust of the market, spending on luxury and pampering, on top of all that, are priorities, as well. Altogether, these are the intangibles that are just rewards for one’s skill and hard work.

Anya Resorts and Residences in Tagaytay offers all of the above, plus an investment opportunity that provides unmatched benefits to investors. These benefits include:
Liquidity. Anya provides investors cash on an ongoing basis. Anya’s world-class resort facilities assure a steady and growing client base among wellness travelers. This helps an investor’s share liquid. It’s like earning cash while you sleep.
Highest capital appreciation. Anya is a branded, full-service, and managed development. It’s the sort of property that, the world over, is known to appreciate in value fast, with higher cash returns compared to other types of real estate. This is due to excellent maintenance, world-class facilities, which in turn inspire trust and loyalty among its customers.
Managed asset. Anya is fully managed by world-class experts. These experts are there to ensure that Anya’s investors continue to earn from their investment. With their investment under Anya’s management; investors can continue focusing on their main business as their money grows.
Anya benefits family and friends. An investment in Anya does not only provide earnings but also a gorgeous home for your family. You and your loved—and even friends you invite over—get to enjoy the good life in a place designed for your health and well-being.
Be a co-owner of the Anya Resort. As co-owner, you will be able get your share in the returns of the first luxury retreat resort in Tagaytay, which is very close to Metro Manila. Anya is the country’s first luxury residential resort brand designed to attract top clientele. Health and wellness is the world’s fastest growing sector, so Anya will be at the center of the action and is expected to bring in a lot of revenue.
First Filipino luxury brand. Anya stands for world-class quality, prestige, and the best that the Filipino can offer the world. It stands equally among the best luxury resort developments on earth; being an Anya shareholder is something to be proud of.  
Fully-marketed asset.  Anya is a marketed asset. Even the best location and the best piece of real estate will not be a good business prospect without a robust marketing strategy in place. The team behind Anya has the expertise for marketing luxury resorts, both domestically and internationally.
Anya Elite Program. Through the Elite Program, luxury benefits available to Anya’s investors are not only unique but unmatched by other wellness, residential, and resort developments. Members of Anya’s Elite will also enjoy other luxury destinations through Anya’s various tie-ups.
Convenient, easy access. Anya is located in a most ideal place for a luxury retreat: lush, cool, and verdant Tagaytay. It’s just 75 minutes away from Metro Manila, making it ideal for spur of the moment wellness day trips or weekend getaways. Get relaxed amid pampering and luxury as quickly as possible. This also makes Anya the expected “nest big thing” in Tagaytay.
Strategic exit.  Investors have an attractive buy-back option for their share/s at Anya. This, combined with frequent and ongoing cash returns, provide investors everything from a high-earning investment to an easy exit strategy when necessary.
For more information about Anya Resorts and Residences and its investment opportunities, please go to their website at; or email, or call 0917-888 ANYA (2692).
Anya Resort and Residences is developed and managed by Roxaco Land Corp., the property development arm of Roxas and Company Inc. Roxaco Land Corp. is also the developer of projects like Fuego Hotel chains and several subdivisions in Batangas and Cavite since 1988.  

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