Book Review | The Doctor’s Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin

While having a break from my job as an online content writer, I stumbled upon a book about how to take care your skin. The book, The Doctor’s Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin by Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D.

In the book, the two Stanford-trained dermatologists discussed things about acne. We can fight against acne by controlling it.

I’ve heard about a lot of myths on acne, but when I read this booklet…I was stunned over the facts that wear sun protection is good because it blocks both wavelengths.

And I didn’t know that eating chocolate makes break out–not true. Having pimples caused eating foods rich in iodine.Taking your skin is important. It makes you younger when you apply skin care products with substance such as Benzoyl peroxide and zinc oxide.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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