Smooth skin using IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash

Few days ago, while checking some body wash products in the supermarket, I bought IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash.

Having a sensitive skin, I’m scared of using chemical substance in every skin care products that I’ve used. When I tried IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash, I can’t imagined that my skin’s smooth as I expected.

Using loofah, scrubbed my whole body with this fantastic body wash gave me the reason to try this kind of product. It’s moisturized my delicate skin and it also give me the freedom to flaunt my skin. It makes me feel younger with my skin. Can you imagine that I’m turning 33 on the 25th this month? 
What is IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash?
The said product is made Made with high-quality hydrolyzed marine collagen. And with its finest moisturizing ingredients, this product from Japan is formulated to have a smooth skin after using it. 
Moisturizing your skin protects you from skin aging. IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash has C0Q10, Vitamin E, anti-oxidants to protect skin against free radicals, and Olive Oil to protect skin’s elasticity.
IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash is available in Mercury Drug and Watsons branches nationwide. Check out IVI Premium Collagen’s Facebook page to know more about their skin care innovation.
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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