Few months ago, when we’re planning to buy the house nearby our area, I asked a neighbor about cutting torches. He told me it will be use for welding metals.

Retouching a house is very expensive. I paid a hefty amount of money just to make our new house beautiful and to transfer our things, we asked some help to bring our things to the house. I’m now saving up moolah for emergency use.


By eccentricyethappy

Christian Melanie Lee is a freelance community manager/social media manager, chatbot builder, social media consultant, and web developer. She is managing her other blogs under lifestyle, food, music/concert, and Hallyu niche. Last August 2020, her first website project, Choose Khiphop is one of the news authority about Korean Hiphop. Five months later, she and her friends formed a podcast called +82 Khiphop Podcast. In 2018, she had her stint as The Itchyworms' social media manager which led her to do music photography in her spare time. A year later, she had a short stint as road manager for the local band, Join The Club. Currently working as freelance community manager and music photographer.

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