On RC Cola and crushed bottle

On RC Cola and crushed bottle

Celebrated my 2014 with a bang…but my January started with an accident.



Aside from the fact that I’m working as an online content writer for a Montreal-based website, researcher and a blogger, one of my major assets is my hand.

It’s been five years that we managed our own mini store which is located inside our house. I didn’t experience accidentally slipping out bottles on my hand,but I was shattered over a minor accident happened to me last Thursday night, January 9.

While working in front of my lappy, a customer bought 2 bottles of small RC Cola, my Mom is inside her room and I insisted to hand it over the softdrinks to the said customer. I put the first bottle in the floor and while getting the second bottle…suddenly the second bottle slipped onto my right hand.

Losing grip from the said bottle, it blew up in front of me and didn’t noticed that I got minor cuts on my palm and my thigh.

When I saw blood on my hand, I shouted and called for help. I almost fainted when blood flowing over my hand.

My right hand few minutes after the accident

I’ve heard a lot of horrible stories about accidents from handling bottle of RC Cola (240 ml) wherein they got cuts in their hands and one of our agents’ wife also suffered cuts in her back when the bottle of RC Cola crushed also on the floor.


Small cut on my right thigh

After the accident, I immediately told my section manager and clients that I had an injured right hand. I assured them that I’m okay but currently still taking antibiotics and putting bandage on my right palm.


Three days after the incident, swollen cut from my right palm.

Just my two cents, if you have PET bottles for your 240 ml glass bottle like Coke, it will lessen the accident over your popular softdrink. And change the design and its size of your bottle, your competitor does have curvy bottle on their 8oz.

Though I love drinking softdrinks during snack time, I was traumatized handling bottles after the said incident.


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