Philips recently announced that the Philips Airfryer, an innovative kitchen appliance that enables consumers to prepare a variety of meals in a healthier way, is now available in more than 100 countries.


With almost fifty percent share of the global market for ‘light’ fryers, Euromonitor has confirmed that Philips is the world’s No.1 low fat fryer brand. The said product was launched three years ago.

It was first launched in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands at the end of 2010, and most recently in North America and Japan, the Philips Airfryer is now a truly global proposition.

“The Philips Airfryer is a great example of how we are driving profitable growth, by taking global innovations and bringing them to market in a way that is highly relevant for local consumers,” said Philips Consumer Lifestyle CEO Netherlands, Pieter Nota. “Eating healthier is an important lifestyle trend that transcends markets and with our Airfryer, we are empowering millions of consumers to make healthier choices every day.”

Global innovation with local relevance

Philips is driving growth in kitchen appliances, by approaching global propositions from the perspective of the local consumer. Through in-depth consumer interaction, we identified many local dishes that can be prepared with the Philips Airfryer in a more healthy way.

For example, a relevant dish in the Netherlands and the UK is French fries, in Japan: fried shrimp, in North America: chicken wings, in India: samosa, in the Philippines: crispy pata.

Innovative Rapid Air Technology

Conventional deep fat fryers use large amounts of oil to cook food. Depending on the dish, the Philips Airfryer requires no, or very little oil, instead, it uses patented Rapid Air technology, a combination of high-speed air circulation and a top grill. With this unique technology the hot air circulates around the ingredients at very high speed – cooking from all sides at once. Air-fried lechon kawali for instance, contain up to 80% less fat compared to cooking in a deep fat fryer, without compromising on taste.


Digital Touchscreen Interface

Any kitchen space would have a sleek modern feel with the Philips Digital AirFryer’s digital touchscreen that can be used to customize settings and cook food perfectly the way you like them. Its timer allows an up to 60 minute preset with a ready sound indicator and auto off function to avoid burning or overcooking any dish. These features allow french fries, fried chicken, and any snack to be prepared at the right time and temperature for the best food experience, minus the guilt from fried food!

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