Skin care advice from a Proactiv Skin Care Advisor

Skin care advice from a Proactiv Skin Care Advisor

While on my way home from an event last Sunday, February 16, I visited Proactiv kiosk located at the 2nd floor of Trinoma.


I’ve been wondering on what kind of Proactiv products will suit the need of my dry skin. Upon walking thru the mall kiosk of Proactiv with a friend of mine, I was greeted by Ms. Ginalyn Flores, resident skin care advisor of Proactiv.

I have a problem on my dry skin. I can’t try other skin care products which irritates my dry skin. So I ask Ginalyn some questions about Proactiv and skin care.

I asked her if Proactiv works on Asian Skin. She answered me: “Proactiv products’ perfect with Asian skin. And also for those have acne problems, Proactiv products also best for those who want their skin moisturize. ”

What is the best moisturizer for my acne-prone skin?
Use Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer. It’s a¬†moisturizing serum absorbs instantly, delivering deep hydration to dry, tired skin.
Will you recommend using Proactiv if I have dry skin?
I will recommend it for those who has a dry skin. You can use Proactiv 30 day kit which has 3 step system. Renew, revitalize and repair your skin from acne.

Ginalyn even gave me an additional skin care tips for my dry skin and blackheads. She told me that I must use Refining Mask for my dry skin. In using it, she told me that I need to dampen on my skin before bedtime. I will definitely visit the kiosk soon, as I’m planning to buy the 30 day kit from Proactiv.

My verdict: Ten out of ten stars. Friendly and accomodating my inquiries about Proactiv products.
If you have acne problems, visit Proactiv Mall Kiosk at Trinoma, Glorietta 2, and Marquee Mall and ask questions to a Proactiv Skin Care Advisor.

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