Urbanears Humlan | The Wash and Wear Sleek Headphones

Urbanears Humlan | The Wash and Wear Sleek Headphones

Are you a music lover? Having a hard time cleaning your headphone?

With my hectic schedule as a full time online content writer for a well-known website and juggling my time managing my blogs, I spend my day listening to several genres from rock to pop music which I included onto my playlists.


Recently, I got my Urbanears Humlan Coral and it’s perfect for my lifestyle as a homebased online worker. Listening to the songs of Coheed and Cambria, The Used and U2, it makes my day complete using this sleek headphone.

In case you didn’t know, Urbanears Humlan is the world’s first headphone with washable parts. It features with removable headband and ear cushions that can be thrown in with your laundry.

sleek Urbanears Humlan…love it!


What I love the most about the said headphone is the ZoundPlug. It is a socket that lets you share your music to anyone. Just plug another headphone on the empty outlet which is located on the ear cap.

Plug another headphone on your ZoundPlug and share your favorite song with your friend

Urbanears Humlan is also a hands-free headphone. You can use it while taking some calls on your phone, fast forward or rewind your favorite song. Aside from Coral, you can choose from variety of colors that suits your mood.

You can take your call from your phone, fast forward or rewind your favorite song using Urbanears Humlan.

Check out their official website to know more about Urbanears¬†and like Digits Trading Corporation‘s Facebook page for the latest update on Urbanears’ other products and accessories.

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