I am a new beginning. I am Nikon.


The latest “I am” mark of Nikon brings the usual role of a camera to the next level as it goes beyond being an accessory or a gadget to anyone, rather becoming a part of every person who owns it. Representing the passion on photography in every click, Nikon brings to life not only a memory, but also the beauty of individuality and the flexibility of Nikon to be a part of us, whoever we choose to be, whatever we choose to become, wherever we choose to belong, and for whatever reason we have to pursue our passion.

Nikon breaks the conventional function of cameras and brings us innovation on the latest technology as it launched its new line of cameras last March 25 at the Tao Corporate Center in Makati.

The program was opened by Mr. Jun Sy, the President of Tao Corporation, emphasizing on the impact of photography as it provoke emotions; thus the print revolution.

It has impacted everyone’s life so much that even in his childhood, he wished he had a better camera. This same impact led to the Filipino’s evident fondness for picture-taking and photo sharing, making the Philippine market one of the best picks to promote Nikon’s latest innovation. Also, he mentioned that the belief that the existence of camera phones killed the camera business isn’t true. It actually brings more experience and exposure for people on picture-taking, eventually helping them understand the value of quality pictures.

Elaborating on the increasing need for camera innovation and Nikon’s coalition with Philippine market, Mr. Shinya Kobayashi, Nikon Hong Kong Managing Director, gave his speech. He emphasized on the continuous goal of Nikon HK to meet the needs of modern photography, while exceeding all expectations; thus, this new line of technology that opens a new page of Nikon and brings a new image experience to everyone.

Mr. Raymund Lau of Nikon HK presented the company’s latest models of cameras.


This was followed by the speech of Mr. Brigs Merin, CEO of Opal Holdings, one the companies under Tao Corporation, and the pride of being the official distributor of Nikon in the Philippines.

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The program was concluded by the seal of partnership among the companies and the hope of a brighter imaging experience for Filipinos.


By eccentricyethappy

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