It is undeniable that Richard Yap’s rise to fame has been quite monumental. From playing Papa Chen in the primetime soap Binondo Girl, Richard is now known as the well-adored Sir Chief in the daytime “kiligserye” Please Be Careful with My Heart. His love story with Maya, played by Jodie Sta. Maria, has become the talk of the town: from their first hug to their first kiss to their eventual marriage.

It’s no wonder that the soap has been going strong in Philippine television for more than a year.

Despite the pressures that come with being a celebrity, Richard looks great for his age. His skin glows, his looks are youthful and healthy, and his body is very fit. It’s surprising to know that he will celebrate his 47th birthday on May 18 this year.

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While it may all look effortless, Richard says that his sense of well-being is a result of making healthy choices. For one, Richard finds the time to exercise, despite the fact that he has only around three to four hours of sleep each day. “I have always been a great fan of exercising whether it be going to the gym or taking up an active sport,” he said.

Paying attention to his diet, Richard is a conscientious eater, trying out a little bit of everything. “I limit my intake of carbs and protein to a certain level,” he says. “I eat five to six small meals a day in order not to gain weight. As much as possible, I shy away from fatty food although I do have my cheat days. I try to consume more fish and chicken whenever possible.”

Richard also supplements his diet with C-Lium Fibre, an all-natural source of soluble and insoluble fiber, which he endorses. “It’s very important since we are always on the go and we are not guaranteed to get enough fiber in our diet everyday,” he says.

“Taking C-Lium helps a lot in fulfilling that need.”

Even before he was tapped to serve as C-Lium’s brand ambassador, Richard was already taking the product for over five years. By taking care of his inner health, Richard says, “I am able to live more and live young.”

According to the US-based National Fiber Council, taking fiber regularly aids in promoting good digestion and helps in weight management. It has also been clinically proven to regulate the absorption of cholesterol and sugar into the system, minimizing the risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, among other life-threatening illness.

Taking a more proactive stance to health is something that Richard believes in. He listens to his body for telltale signs of illness. “If I see there is something which is headed to a certain unhealthy level, I usually address it by changing my diet and eating habits and not waiting until I get sick.”

C-Lium is part of Richard’s health arsenal, which is more crucial now that Richard has to juggle many activities. Aside from being an actor, he is also a husband to Melody Yap and a father to two teen-agers. But Richard knows his priorities very well, and takes his showbiz adventure one day at a time. “Dreams do come true,” he says. “Just don’t be afraid to take the plunge when the opportunity comes.”

C-Lium Fibre is available in husk and capsule format and is being sold in supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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