Amazing app using EyeFly3D for iPhone5

Amazing app using EyeFly3D for iPhone5

Fond of watching 3d films? Bored over seeing two dimensional videos?




A week ago while waiting for some parcel at home, a friend of mine sent me EyeFly 3D. When I found out that the 3D screen is only for iPhone 5 users, I asked some help from a friend and fellow blogger who knew someone who owns an iPhone 5.

EyeFly 3D is a revolutionary glasses-free 3D for iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Nexus 7. It was launched last April 2013 in Singapore.


A lot of my friends are wondering on how it does works on an iPhone 5. First, you need to download EyeFly3D app on Apple store and click Alignment. If you have an old screen protector film, remove it and replace it with EyeFly 3D.

Peel off the tab on the black hinge and align your EyeFly3D film on your iPhone5 by positioning the hole within the Home button. Make it sure that the film is adjusted within the parallel lines between the solid black bars.

photo 1 (2)


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Then, hold the film and fold the black hinge of your phone. Clean the screen of your iPhone5 throughly using the EyeFly3D cloth. Remove the back protective layer of the EyeFly 3D.

Before using your phone, check for dust around it and see if there are tiny bubbles visible on your EyeFly3D. Then, remove its front layer.

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Voila! You can watch your favorite movies and videos on YouTube using the one of a kind 3D glasses from EyeFly3D.

photo 5

For more information about EyeFly3D, check out their website.

Photos courtesy of Richard Mamuyac and Giancarlo Viterbo. Thank you guys for helping me out! :)

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