The pressure to have a beach-ready body gets more intense by the day, now that summer is officially here! Especially if you’ve indulged in all of your food cravings and have not hit the gym of late, you must be in some kind of a bind.  We know all too well that losing weight is never that easy, and getting fit takes months, if not years, to achieve.

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Fortunately, fitness expert Jim Saret, known as Coach Jim in The Biggest Loser (Pinoy Edition Doubles), understands your situation. He is, after all, the guy who created the program called MetaFIT, which speeds up a person’s metabolism and allows him to burn calories throughout the day, not just during a workout.

While there is no turning back now from the consequences of bingeing and just lazing around, kicking yourself over not excercising sooner is not going help you either. The good news is, there is still time! Coach Jim clues you in on what you can do right now so you can showcase your beach-worthy physique with pride.

For starters, Coach Jim wants you to pay attention to your diet. “Most people are not really aware of what to eat and what not to eat,” he says. What should constitute your diet from hereon is lean meat, fruits and vegetables,” he enumerates.  “These are ‘fail-proof” types of food.”

Supplementation is also necessary to achieve good nutrition. “Take Vitamin C to boost the immune system, Vitamin E to slow down aging, Calcium for stronger bones, CoQ10 to boost energy, Creatine for muscle and memory, Omega 3’s for the heart, and Glucosamine for your joints,” Coach Jim recommends.

One of the most important components of nutrition, Coach Jim emphasizes, is dietary fiber. As a student taking up his Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Brigham Young University (USA), Coach Jim learned that fiber has a multitude of health benefits that include lowering cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar, maintaining good bowel health, aiding in preventing colon disease, reducing the risks of Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure, and helping achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Personally, Coach Jim is a strong believer in fiber, taking it regularly in order to maintain a healthy, fit stomach, and an ideal body weight.

Coach Jim supplements the fiber in his diet by taking C-Lium Fibre, manufactured by PascualLab. Prefering to take it fuss-free because of his hectic schedule, Coach Jim  favors both the capsule and sachet forms. “At home, all I have to do is mix my C-Lium Fiber sachet in a glass of water and that’s it,” he says. “Easy as ABC, done in less than 20 seconds.”

Having the energy to move and be active, Coach Jim is able to follow his rigorous physical training, which keeps him in tiptop shape. After all, a beach-ready body is also honed through a committed regimen of physical activity. Watch what you eat, consume fiber, and move your body.  Develop these three habits and you’ll be ready to conquer not just the beach, but the world.

C-Lium is available in capsule and husk formats in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide

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