Women’s Role in History Month celebrated every March. This is in accordance to Proclamation No. 227, which was signed in 1988.

As we recognize the contributions and achievements of the female genderwhich includes the most important women in our lives—our mothers.


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Women have contributed much to the development of our nation. There are many we now consider heroes. In the past, their accomplishments have been neglected or relegated as something of lesser importance. But now with keen awareness, we are reassessing their roles and appreciating their participation. In this day and age women especially mothers are able to multitask and perform the multifaceted role of a mom. There are home makers who are also in the corporate world. Some are entrepreneurs who are also experts in raising children.

“Knowing that the task of motherhood is delicate and requiring dedication, Philips Avent has been coming up with innovative products that will help mothers everywhere. This year, it is celebrating 30 years of passionate pursuit of creating products with mothers in mind,” says Me-AnnAchacoso, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Business Development Manager for Health and Wellness.

Philips Avent has been manufacturing products that accompany mothers and babies from “pregnancy to playground,” including newborn starter sets, baby monitors and toddler feeding and drinking. Philips Avent has become the dependable brand for infant feeding, breast pumps, and other baby health and monitoring accessories thus the tag, “Number 1 brand trusted by moms1.” Aside from these, it also champions the cause of mothers and advocates breast-feeding to promote bond between mothers and babies.

On its 30th anniversary, Philips Avent is celebrating years of commitment to being a Mom’s most trusted partner in taking care of her child and this will be done through exciting in-store promotions and activities as part of its year-long celebration. As a kick-off, the company launches the search for 30 women who exemplify and embody the multi-faceted role of a mother. Through these women, Philips Avent will be able to share amazing stories on motherhood and child rearing that every mom can learn from. Their stories are deemed to inspire women and families to celebrate motherhood. Qualified candidates must be moms who were or are Philips Avent users from diverse background who have outstanding tales of motherhood to share.

“With these promotions, we are made more aware of the things mothers go through just to raise us properly and the tremendous amount of love they generously give. We also appreciate the little things that help our mothers get through their tasks,” Achacoso concludes.

Through the years, Philips Avent has been continuously developing innovative products that provide aid to everyday child-rearing situations and activities. It is proof of the unfailing support the company has been giving to advocate mothers and families all over the world. In its 30th year anniversary such commitment is fortified with activities and programs that are deemed to make an invaluable mark to the society.

For more details about Philips Avent, like Philips Avent Philippines‘ Facebook page.


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