July 26, 2024

14 thoughts on “What I did 6 months ago during Typhoon Yolanda

  1. Wow! Helping others get back on their feet :D Very nice. Sometimes every one in need just needed a little more push to the right direction :D

  2. I honor you for helping our fellow online worker by giving what they really need (a laptop) so that they can start over:-). Keep on sharing your blessings.

  3. Nakakatouch naman hehe. I remember also where I was during those days. I am sure you will be blessed more by what you did to our kababayans. Good karma will pay you. God bless! :-)

  4. It’s stories like these that define the resilient nature and Bayanihan spirit of the Filipino. Good to hear stories like these amidst all the inefficiency or corruption of the government.

  5. Touching story. I always admire people who are not selfish and find ways to help the community. Now, this is good news.

  6. You have a great heart, doing small deeds are some of the most wonderful & unexpected things that shows our humanity… pay it forward :)

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