Recently, Converse’s worldwide campaign, Sneakers Clash unveiled last May 10 at the activity center of Ayala Fairview Terraces. As they staged fashion show, four band performances, a slew creative reinventions.

CJ de Silva

From the “Clash Box” that transformed boring white tees into street-worthy statement shirts with splashes of paint to “photoclashed” social media pics jazzed up by graphic designer CJ de Silva, the public was enthralled with the radical ways a gray, boring world could be refreshed by color.

The audience was also treated with a showcase of the Converse’s Spring Summer 2014 in a fashion show participated by A-list models. They sported the eye-popping reissues of Chuck Taylor All Star 70’s, the subtly elegant Jack Purcell sneakers, and the latest in Converse apparel, bags and accessories.

Jeff Gonzales - Cons

The main highlight of Sneakers Clash was the introduction of the four brand ambassadors that embody the spirit of Converse: Peso Movement as All Star Core Creative, Gracenote as Converse Creative Connector, Stereodeal as Cons Creative Active and Paranoid City as Jack Purcell Creative Curators.

Jeff Gonzales - Clash Box

“For a very reputable brand such as Converse, to include us in our in their roster is an honor and we highly appreciate it,” says Jap Sergio of Peso Movement and a former member of Rivermaya, speaking in behalf of the bands. We are very happy to be part of this Spring Summer campaign.”

Also hailed as Jack Purcell Creative Curator during the event was Michael Carandang, former producer of America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show, who now runs his own production outfit creating content for ETC and E! Asia television channels.

“What I love about Coverse is that it follows your journey in life,” he says.

“As you reach more success in life and you become older, you can also upgrade your sneakers. It feels so good to be able to post and talk about the brand and be able to wear it. Converse is something I really believe in.”

The line-up of the brand ambassadors could not have been more ideal. “We have carefully chosen our brand ambassadors to reflect the spirit of Converse: rebellious in a creative way,” says Kate Oliva, marketing and advertising manager of Converse Philippines.

“They are trailblazer and influencers in their respective fields—from the alternative scene to pop culture, from tri-media to social media.”

Gracing the event were Converse Philippines CEO Margie Go, Converse Philippines Sales director Dan Mindanao, The Voice of the Philippines’ Paolo Onesa, bloggers and members of the press.

“Sneakers Clash is but an opening salvo of the activations that we intend to launch throughout the year,” says Kate. “This is not the time to be complacent and accepting of the status quo but a time to make radical changes and live out loud.”

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