Jardine Distribution, Inc. continues their commitment to promote health and wellness through sports by partnering with the Rowers Club Philippines Sea Dragon Inc., a rowing organization that’s been promoting the sport of dragon boat padding for the past 17 years. The RCP’s dragon boat racing team, called the Sea Dragons, holds training activities at the Manila Ocean Park four times a week. The RCP is active not only in helping its members achieve wellness and fulfillment through their chosen sport but also in projects that benefit others.

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JDI and RCP officials signed an agreement on May 14th which commits JDI to provide rash guard shirts to the Sea Dragon members for their use in training and competition. Rash guards are special athletic wear for water sports; they protect the wearing from rashes caused by abrasion as well as from the sun’s heat.  JDI is providing the rash guard shirts through its brand, Sureseal Elastomeric Sealant.

“Members of the Sea Dragons need proper protection when they are paddling as they are exposed to the risks of chaffing and abrasions when they are on the boat and in the water.  The heat of the sun can also get really intense. Rash guards are very important in keeping our rowers safe and helping them perform at their best during training and races.  The RCP appreciates very much the contribution that JDI is making to our dragon boat athletes,” said RCP President Christian Villar.

As a company, JDI believes in helping people, including its employees, achieve health through a physically active lifestyle. “JDI has employee fitness programs that include Zumba, Bowling, and Badminton. We believe that we can all perform better at work and in our personal lives when we are fit. This is why, as part of our partnership with RCP, we have asked them to train our employees, those who are interested, in the sport of dragon boat paddling,” said Mr. Edwin Hernandez, JDI President and General Manager. The JDI-RCP partnership formally kicks off with a 200-meter dragon boat race in Camarines Norte on June 13 and 14, 2014.

Jardine Distribution, Inc. offers Sureseal, an elastomeric sealant with “Iwas-Crack” advantage.  Unlike other brands, it does not crack because of its elastic formulation that moves with the substrate. It is an effective sealant not only for GI roofing but also for gutters and downspouts. For more information on Sureseal and other JDI brands, visit their official website.


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