Midea launched innovative household products

Midea launched innovative household products

Last June 17, China’s top appliances maker Midea launched its innovative products in the country.

It was held at Buddha Bar, Makati City and hosted by dazzling Issa Litton. Officials from Midea, Concepcion Industrial Corp, members of media and bloggers attended this momentous event.

Midea, in partnership with Concepcion Industrial Corporation which aimed for changing the face of household chores by making its easier for every homemakers.

The Midea Consumer launch was attended by the officials from Midea and Concepcion Industrial Corporation.

According to Philip Trapaga, General Manager of Concepcion-Midean Inc. Philippines says, “Nowadays, multitasking is a trait that seems to be innate in every Filipina. Gone are the days when women merely have them household to manage. Now, they also have to juggle the responsibilities at home while still tending to their careers.”

I was amazed over their new line of products such as One Touch Washing Machine, and Party Refrigerator. Midea’s One Touch Washing Machine is engineered to make our lives easier.

With its Quick Wash function, it can cleaned a drumfull of clothes in which it lasted for 19 minutes or so. And if you’re budget-conscious, the piso wash is just for you. It boast energy efficiency, as one wash cycle is equivalent to one peso in electrical consumption.


Meanwhile, if you have a huge family, and fond of throwing a big party, Midea’s Party Refrigerator can store up a huge amount of foods and drinks. With wide interiors, adjustable shelves and efficient French doors, you can put at least 20 basket full of goodies inside the humongous ref!

Geez, 20 baskets of foods and drinks can store up Midea’s Party Refrigerator…Sweet!

Aside from the huge storage, the said refrigerator comes with a Keep Fresh technology that maintains the optimum level of humidity and to keep food freshness for a longer period of time. Then, it also irradiates natural light to enhance its nutritional value of the food. And it uses UV lights which break down pesticide which was commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

For more information about Midea and its products, check out their official website.

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