School Bus PH is a non-traditional recreational education provider, the first of its kind in the Philippines and in the world — in more ways than one. First (and intriguingly enough), the classes are held inside a moving bus roaming around the metro. And second, there’s nothing about it that mirrors traditional education.

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How it goes:

1. ADMISSIONS. There are no qualifying exams, lengthy application forms, or other forms of interviews and assessments. Anyone with zero knowledge on the subject can register in the courses and learn. School Bus PH aims to remove every known barrier to learning and make education easier and simpler for everyone to access and acquire.

2. COURSES. The courses offered are all interesting, fun to learn, and are of practical value. The goal is to provide learning opportunities that can help Filipino professionals to continuously acquire learning and become skilled not only in their chosen professions but also in disciplines outside and beyond what they do every day, which they find endlessly appealing. School Bus PH aims to make the working Filipinos of today multi-skilled, more flexible, more knowledgeable, and more able to deliver and also derive value both in their careers and personal lives. For the first batch of classes, School Bus PH is offering a wide range of interesting and relevant courses including: Japanese, Creative Writing, Film-Making, Cinematography, Graphic Design and Photography, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Investing, Basic Accounting, Personality Development, and more — conducted in fun-filled, exciting and action-packed learning programs!

3. INSTRUCTORS. The instructors are practicing professionals in their respective fields – people who walk the talk. They teach things they have successfully done themselves, things they are really passionate about. They just won’t be reading from books or discussing the subject in theory, but will show students how things are done in actual practice based on years of actual experience in the field. And they are cool, fun and interesting people, too, whom students can be friends with even outside of class.

4. METHODS OF INSTRUCTION. The entire point of “classes in a bus” is to get the classes out of the classroom, remove the barriers usually associated with the four walls of a classroom — and go outside. Explore. Discover. There are many ways of learning available if only we stop restricting ourselves to the normal things we are used to. At School Bus PH, students are encouraged to speak their minds, to think for themselves, to provide their inputs. The class activities are interactive, where the students actively participate and perform. There are no boring moments in class. The activities and exercises are so carefully and cleverly designed to teach the fundamental, the crucial, and the actual aspects of the subjects and they are all fun, engaging, and exciting to do.

5. COMPLETION. At School Bus PH, you go to class to learn for the sake of learning. School Bus PH does not issue certifications of completion or any piece of paper to prove that you are trained in a particular skill. Instead, students will graduate with more solid and concrete proof that they have learned from the class: an actual output, an actual accomplishment, a piece of work that says they have indeed learned and acquired a skill because they have done it.

School Bus PH aims to revolutionize education — make it more easily accessible, more interesting, and more fun — so that it can become a way of life and a form of recreation for the Filipino people just like going to the movies or watching a sports game.

Courses are done in 10 Saturdays for three hours each session and are priced at P10,999.00 (with instalment options available for early birds). Students are effectively paying just a thousand pesos each Saturday, an amount they can so easily spend doing not-so-productive, not-so-meaningful activities on a Saturday. Ten percent of the registration fee will go to teaching efforts dedicated to out-of-school youth in Metro Manila, whom should also be given the same learning opportunities.

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Registration can be done through the School Bus PH website. Check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Registration period is from June 1 to 30, 2014. And the first batch of classes will run from July 5 to September 6, 2014.


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