Cozy, affordable houses at Lancaster New City

Cozy, affordable houses at Lancaster New City

Do you want to have your own house? Want to live away from the bustling city?

For the past several years, me and my family has been on a lookout for a small house outside of Manila. Living in a huge house when I was in High School made a big difference in my lifestyle. When we transferred from a 400 sq. meter, three-storey house to 150 sq.meter bungalow house, I realized the simplest form of living in the city is having your family together.

Few months back, I’ve been planning to check several model houses in Lancaster New City. I just want to invest my money from working online to a house that I will call it my own and to be able to spend time with my family away from busy life in the Metro.

Lancaster New City is a township development which was close to Metro Manila located in Cavite. If you have a family or planning to have a family in the near future, they have a lot of model houses that suits the need of your family.

Seven beautiful houses to choose from at Lancaster, such as Alice, Catherine, Diana, Sophie, Margaret, and Gabrielle model houses. Perfect for those who are starting a new family or want to get away from their busy life in Manila.

We want our loved ones secured all the time. And having a worry-free life, we want to be close to them. In Lancaster New City, there’s a nearby church, clubhouse, workplace, school and commercial area that a happy family can spend time together anytime.


If you’re living in Lancaster New City, they are accessible in all means of transport. Security is also important in a community. Round-the-clock monitoring the situation in the area is a must.

Hopefully one day, I can start a new family and live in Lancaster.

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