During the long and gloomy days of the rainy season, the weather is not the only thing that gets out of control—this also happens for your hair.


“Each time it rains, the air becomes thick with water and hair absorbs the excess humidity like a sponge, leading to brittle, stubborn frizzed hair,” explains RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

He continues, “So, how can you keep your hair under control while keeping it healthy as well? Well, women will be glad to know that there are many ways to help their hair survive the dreaded monsoon months.”

Goodbye moisture, hello frizz-free hair

The rainy days call for a different hair care routine. Pia Umayam, Business Development Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, says “the conditions during this time of the year require a few hair management tweaks.”


When it comes to shampooing, use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that has ingredients like emollients, proteins, and silicone. According to Pia, “These products fill the gaps of your hair cuticles and lessen the chances of absorbing humidity.”

She adds, “Actually, the secret to keeping your hair from frizzing lies in how you blow dry it. Hair professionals recommend blowing it bone dry to prevent excess moisture. Afterwards, cooling your hair will ensure that the cuticles are closed, so water can’t sneak in.”

The Philips Thermoprotect Ionic Hairdryer is the perfect hair-grooming companion during the rainy season. Its innovative ionic conditioning uses charged negative ions to eliminate static on hair strands.

Pia says that this technology not only helps flatten the cuticles, but intensifies the hair’s glossiness and shine as well. She describes, “This hair dryer even has a cool shot feature that can help seal your hair cuticles.”

Healthy, beautifully styled hair any season

Because the rainy season heightens the risk for hair damage, most hair experts advise to go easy on the styling. Pia explains, “Heat is another enemy of hair and using styling products can cause drastic damage to it.”

Still, she outlines, this is definitely not something that should stop women from styling their hair. According to Pia, this is simply a matter of using the right styling tools.

Going out in the rain with wet hair is a no-no, so dry it first with the Philips Hairdryer with ThermoProtect temperature feature that offers optimal drying to prevent overheating. With its powerful airflow, anyone can easily achieve the style they want minus the damage it typically comes with.

For those who prefer a simple and straight look, Philips Straighteners are the perfect styling partners to use. They have a ThermoGuard feature that prevents hair from being exposed to heat and ionic conditioning that tames frizz.

Pia adds, “Curls are never out of season and they can definitely add a twist to your look during the drab, dreary days. The Philips Conical Curler can help you get stunning but safe curls with its three curling-time options and an indicator that lets you know when your hair is already set.”

She concludes, “Of course, keeping your hair healthy should not be limited to the rainy season. Remember, your crowning glory is constantly exposed to various damaging factors, so make sure you have the right set of hair care tools to keep it at its best condition be it rain or shine.”

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