Nothing causes more panic than discovering an active leak in the house, like when rainwater starts leaking through cracks in the walls of the house, toilet and bath, or the basement. The leaks have to be plugged quickly or else there’s going to be a flood—not to mention damage to your house.


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To plug and seal off these leaks quickly and effectively, it’s best to use a superior “cementitious” or cement-based waterproofing product that is quick and effective. For taking care of active leaks, Waterplug is your best choice.


Waterplug is a fast-setting, fast-drying hydraulic cement. Its advanced formulation allows you to use it even when the leak is ongoing. You can apply it even while water is streaming through a hole or a crack in cement or concrete because it can set even when wet.  You can plug and seal that active leak really fast because Waterplug sets in just three minutes.


Waterplug sets and bonds with the cement or concrete surface where it is applied. It will not get brittle or peel off, or otherwise be dislodged. Once set and bonded, Waterplug is very strong. It can withstand pressure of up to 1,500 pounds-per-square-inch (PSI); in comparison, an open fauces has 40 PSI.


Notably, Waterplug is non-toxic. It can be used even when in contact with drinking water—so it not only protects your home from damage caused by leaks but also assures the health of the family.


To learn more about Waterplug, call or text the Engineer Lunas Hotline 0920-910-2629 or go to

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