Are you looking to split your videos to free them from unnecessary elements? It could be ads, unnecessary content, pauses and so on. Sometimes large videos are not suitable for DVDs or a comfortable play on cell phones. In such a situation, you are simply needed to split your video in manageable pieces & cut the parts out which you won’t need to preserve. You have the video editing software options today that help to split the videos into parts.


Below is a step by step instruction on how to split a video with a video editing software-

Download & run

First, download a credible video editor software & run it in your system as per given instructions.

Add on videos

You will find something like “Add on Media Files” located on main panel. Go to “Media” tab & move the desired video clip on Timeline.

Cut Video & remove unnecessary parts

It’s time for you to slice up the video with Video Editor aides or through in-built Split movie App. The first one is better for a handful of parts while the other option is especially meant to assist in multi-splitting tasks.

There is another way to edit out unnecessary video segments. The idea is to select them when the video is in action. Check the timeline part- the yellow parts refer to “keeper” scenes .Click on Play to start your video. As the first undesired scene comes, click & hold “thumb down” tab till you go to the conclusion of the scene. Now, release that button & you won’t find any yellow lone on the segment. It implies that unmarked part would be removed from your video the moment you are done watching it.

In case you mark more in comparison to what was desired by mistake, the software allows you to correct it. Go to “Select” tab. After you are marking up the video, hit on “Ok”. Then, go to “Media” tab & drag “keeper” episodes to timeline.

Saving edited videos

This is the final step of the process. After you are done cropping out of the unwanted parts, you are required to save the video in appropriate format. Go to “Save Movie” tab & choose from different options offered there. You could save the edited video as a 3D movie, as video file, upload the video into YouTube, Facebook or other social media sites – you can also convert the video into a mobile phone compatible view option. After you are done choosing, click on “Save”.

Movavi Video Editor is one of the best sought after options when it comes to cropping the unwanted parts from any video. It’s user friendly and trusted internationally. Get more details about Movavi here




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