As we all know, Filipinos love to take selfies. In case you didn’t know that two of the country’s cities have been globally recognized as the Selfie Capitals of the World are Makati and Pasig.


Bearing this in mind, LINE is giving Filipinos a more enjoyable way to take their selfies.

LINE’s B612 is a simple camera app that strips away unnecessary features and zeroes in on making selfies look fabulous. The name B612 was inspired by one of the planets that the protagonist in the novella “The Little Prince” lived in.

Use B612 Camera App when you’re scouting for the perfect shot to send to your friends, upload on social media, or post on blogs. This app will certainly make your selfies look more stylish!

The said app is now available for both iOS and Android users. It has tons of photo-editing tools, which allow users to decorate, smoothen edges, and add filters to their selfies.

How to Take and Save photos

  • Ÿ   Using B612’s front-facing camera, take selfies with one hand as tapping anywhere on the screen closes the shutter.
  • Ÿ   Unneeded photos won’t be saved to your folder. Once you’ve taken a nice shot that you want to keep, just tap the Save button at the bottom right.
  • Ÿ   No sound is made when the shutter closes. Take photos anywhere without worrying about who’s around you.


Up to 53 Filters Designed Especially for Selfies

Ÿ   Out of 53 filters that are available, have fun choosing the filter that best matches your mood.

Ÿ   Tap the Random icon to change to a random filter. You can also change filters simply by swiping across the screen, allowing you to find your favorite filters all with one hand.

Ÿ   The filter is applied over the screen while you’re taking the photo so you can see how it will turn out before you take it. Enjoy simpler, easier to use filters with B612!

Soft-Focusing with No Prior Setup Required!

Ÿ   B612 automatically recognizes people, focusing out of the background to highlight faces and bodies. You’ll be surprised just how professional looking your photos turn out!

Comes With an Easy-to-Use Collage Feature Too

Ÿ   Tap the icon at the bottom left of the screen before taking a photo to apply Collage feature.

Ÿ   You can flip between different filters one at a time until you find the perfect one for your photo.

Never Been Easier to Share with Friends

Ÿ   Easy to share your selfies by posting and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

By eccentricyethappy

Christian Melanie Lee is a freelance community manager/social media manager, chatbot builder, social media consultant, and web developer. She is managing her other blogs under lifestyle, food, music/concert, and Hallyu niche. Last August 2020, her first website project, Choose Khiphop is one of the news authority about Korean Hiphop. Five months later, she and her friends formed a podcast called +82 Khiphop Podcast. In 2018, she had her stint as The Itchyworms' social media manager which lead her to do music photography in her spare time. A year later, she had a short stint as road manager for the local band, Join The Club. Currently working as freelance community manager and a PR manager.