Fab clothes at Sophistique Creations

Fab clothes at Sophistique Creations

Several weeks ago, I’ve been looking for an outfit that I will wear for an event this month. I stumbled upon my friend’s online store, Sophistique Creations1148991_470678606365884_872718211592102582_n


The store owner, Amy started her business just last March of this year. I find her online shop cutesy and wide array of products such as stylish blouse, pullovers, accessories, and even bags!

Being an avid online shopper, I was really on a lookout for quality, affordable dress that suit my lifestyle. I’ve never wore a pullover, I’m the type of girl who always donned in shirt, jeans and sneakers.

The classy pullover that I purchased at Sophistique Creations.
Gonna wear this soon!

Recently, when I finally wore it for a Christmas Party. My friends stunned when they saw me wearing it! :) I’ll be pairing it up with the black short soon.


I love the dress and cutesy short! :)


Yesterday, Amy was awarded as ultimate legit seller and legit seller by Happy Legit Seller PH.

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Check out Sophistique Creations on Instagram for fantabulous clothes and ideal gifts to your loved ones and follow them on Twitter.

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