FYI unveiled their new programs this month

FYI unveiled their new programs this month

Are you a foodie? Being a food blogger, I’ve been watching food TV programs while having a break at work.

And this month, FYI unveils new programs that will surely inspire your next gastronomic getaway:


Taste of Vietnam (Tuesdays at 8pm)

 Taste Of Vietnam S2(1)

Immerse yourself in the hearty, local flavors of Vietnam with Taste of Vietnam. Host Robert Danhi takes us on not just a food odyssey in Taste of Vietnam, but a voyage into across the country trying local food as he meets fascinating people along the way, unveiling the hidden charms of Vietnam as he curates this dynamic culture to find the deepest flavours in each community.


Atul’s Spice Kitchen: Malaysia (Tuesdays at 9pm)

 Atul's Spice Kitchen - Atul Kochhar

Explore Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a melting pot of Asian flavors with Atul’s Spice Kitchen: Malaysia. Double Michelin-starred chef, Atul Kochhar travels to Malaysia  in Atul’s Spice Kitchen: Malaysia, exploring the country’s traditional cuisine and its spice trade influenced by Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Thai and Arab flavours. In the first episode Atul lands in the diverse capital of Kuala Lumpur, discovering hidden gems, sampling authentic Nyonya dishes and preparing a Rogan Josh for a wedding.


The Feed (Premieres 4 December, Thursdays at 10pm)

 The Feed S1(1)

Travel to the West and discover what’s been tickling the taste buds of America with The Feed. Join culinary expert Gail Simmons; superstar chef Marcus Samuelsson; and comedian and food writer Max Silvestri anchor a rollicking adventure into the world of culinary and food culture in America as they share their take on today’s most innovative food trends. Each episode of The Feed pits the unlikely combination of these three personalities against each other in unconventional food challenges that allow each competitor to show off their unique perspectives on the food world.

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