The extreme weather conditions nowadays have caused perennial problems to local farmers, destroying their crops and farms. Problems such as this result in loss in income and delay in deliveries of farm produce in the market.





But the real enemy of farmers are the unwanted visitors in the farm that destroy plants and crops—the pests. However, unlike typhoon, crop pests are controllable. With available crop protection products like insecticides and herbicides, farmers have an ever-present partner in solving such problems.


While there are a lot of crop protection brands in the market, very few have stood the test of time and have really been reliable partners of Filipino farmers in their successful crop production. Dow AgroSciences’ (DAS) products Nurelle, Lorsban and Clincher, which are distributed by Jardine Distribution Inc. (JDI), are among these trusted, tried and tested brands when it comes to crop protection.


With the advent of generics or me-too products in the market, DAS (an American company) recently changed the packaging of the said three popular products for better product recognition and alignment with their company brand identity.


Despite the changes, DAS and JDI promise the same trusted brand efficacy and quality that they have been giving their customers for many years now.  JDI maintains its promise to provide sustainable and cutting-edge solutions for modern agriculture.


“With its tagline ‘Dating Bisa, Sa Bagong Mukha,’ the products are only expected to continue their legacy of providing the most innovative and effective solution to the most challenging issues for farmers that will help them yield better results,” said Sandra De Guia, Product Manager for the said products.


Nurelle, a pest-control solution for green leafhoppers, whorl maggot, brown planthopper and rice stemborers, is a broad spectrum insecticide that contains two active components having dual action against insect pests. The first component is responsible for quick action while the other one ensures long residual effect.


It also has triple killing action and a quick knockdown effect on pests. This particular product gives longer protection for crops which means farmers need not spray every now and then, making it more economical to use.


On the other hand, Lorsban 3E is a highly effective solution to control a wide range of insect pests in crops. It is the ideal worm-killing solution in vegetation especially for crops such as rice, potato, corn and beans.

It has an active component which kills worms such as armyworm, corn earworm, and bean leafrollers by affecting the nervous system of the insect that leads to paralysis and eventual death. This insecticide kills insect pests through multiple actions namely contact, stomach and respiratory.   It provides longer protection and lesser spray interval for crops, making it also more cost-effective to use.

Meanwhile, Clincher is a solution made to kill grasses in direct seeded-rice paddies. The target grasses or weeds absorb the nutrients of the crops which can result in poor harvest. Clincher has an excellent rice tolerance (safe to crop) as compared to other herbicides applied 9 to 21 days after seeding.

This solution is called the “grass escape specialist” because it easily and effectively kills major grass species such as Trigo-Trigohan, Telebisyon, Palay-Maya, and Pulang-Puwit in the rice fields. It doesn’t have any phytotoxic to rice plants.

Nurelle and Lorsban 3E are available in three sizes—1000 ml, 500 ml and 250 ml—while Clincher has 1000 and 500 ml variants.

Dow AgroSciences is a multinational company that specializes in agricultural chemicals and is part of the larger Dow Chemical company based in the US. This year, the company is celebrating its 50th year of successful operations here in the Philippines.

Jardine Distribution, Inc., a member company of Jardine Matheson Group, represents a number of leading brands in crop protection, local and foreign-made pesticides, plant growth regulators, plant nutrition, hybrid rice seeds, and vegetable seeds.


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