The kitchen is usually one of a household’s busiest hubs. Incidentally, it is also the riskiest, with majority of household accidents occurring in it. According to the World Health Organization, around 265,000 deaths occur every year because of burns originating in the kitchen.

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“If you think about it, every part of the kitchen is dangerous,” says RJ Buenaventura, Philips General Manager for Consumer Lifestyle. “You have flammable materials, oil, and electrical equipment. Without proper precaution, the place can be the site of a lot of accidents.”

The kitchen is one of the biggest fire hazards inside the house, making it a top priority in terms of home safety. Last year alone, more than 150,000 of home fires were said to have started inside the kitchen. Additionally, cuts occurring on this part of the house is also the reason behind almost a million of emergency room visits.

But with simple easy-to-do tips, RJ says you can make a big difference in creating a safer home for you to live, work, play, and cook in.

Pay attention

“Neglect is the primary cause of kitchen accidents,” says Reah Ronsayro, Business Development Manager for Philips Kitchen Appliances. “Keep your attention on what you are cooking and try to avoid leaving it unattended.”

Unattended cooking—particularly open flame—causes more injuries, deaths, and property damage than all other causes of home fires.

Have a fire extinguisher ready

Where you place your fire extinguisher is very important. Fire safety hazards recommend storing it 10 feet away from the stove, preferably in a place near the kitchen exit.

Its weight should also be considered. Make sure that everyone in the family can lift the fire extinguisher and knows how to use it.

Mind your wires

Make sure not to overload your electrical circuits. Additionally, practice regular checkup of all electrical installations.

Faulty wiring is among the leading causes of fire in the country. For frayed wirings and electrical fixtures that need to be changed, have a licensed technician to do the repairs.

Go flameless!

If open flame is the root of kitchen fires, why not entirely take it out of the equation?

“Flameless cooking solutions, like induction cookers, can fire up your meals without the flame,” shares Ronsayro. “They definitely add an extra layer of protection for your home and are safer to use as well.”

The Philips Induction Cooker offers superior, flameless cooking. It also cuts cooking by 1/3 and better seals in the nutrients of food, making it a perfect partner for health aficionados. What’s more, it comes with a host of smart features that allow for effortless cooking.

Use the right tools

According to Reah, using the right tools can help a lot in preventing kitchen accidents. “Do not use knives for opening cans or cutting strings. Stick to equipment meant for the job and avoid improvising.”

Buenaventura closes, “Diligence plays a big role in minimizing fire hazards. From practicing the right kitchen habits to investing in fireproof cooking partners, there are a lot of simple ways to keep a bird’s eye view of your home and your family’s safety.”

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