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YouTube celebrates its 10th anniversary

This month, video sharing site YouTube celebrating their 10th anniversary. They will take you back in time some of the memorable moments on the platform from A-Z.


Also, they also released list of trending videos, new stats and must-see videos from the last decade, onYouTube trends blog.

For 10 years, YouTube has been the go to platform for your online video needs; From music to culture to Internet phenomena. Today, as YouTube hits its first decade, here are some things that is happening to continue the celebration:

A to Z Yoodle is a fun themed doodle that incorporates the YouTube logo and appears on the homepage.

Yoodle 10

Then, a video round-up called #HappyBirthdayYouTube featured some of the most memorable moments on the platform from A to Z. Are your favorites included?


Here’s an infographic about what significant events happened during the span of 10 years of YouTube.

YT10 Infographic

Are you a YouTube fanatic? Check out this YouTube Trivia Game. Test your YouTube knowledge by playing this new game here.

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