Condo life isn’t just about the flat you’re staying in, it’s a mindset that strives for efficiency in all things, even in your kitchen and clothes closet. When space is an ever-present concern, you might not have room for all the bells and whistles, but the appliances you do use should be the best at what they do.


While the market for appliances is never in short supply, Philips’ Business Development Manager for Domestic Appliances, Reah Ronsayro believes that people should actively choose appliances that match their living situation over anything else.

“It’s a matter of practicality – the form of the device, and how it makes apartment life easier and less of a hassle. You might want to start with cookers for your daily staples, and move on to different size meals from there,” says Reah. “And of course, you’ll also want to have the right tools in your aparador to make you look the part of a condo owner!”


Getting ready for the main course

What Filipino household is complete without the ubiquitous rice cooker? Philips’ Rice Cooker is a smart take on a home classic, with automatic programs to control temperature and cooking time to ensure that your rice tastes great and keeps all its nutrients.

Philips Digital Air Fryer HD9238-03

With rice on the table, we all know what’s up next: a plateful of everyone’s favorite “ulam.”

Here, the Philips Induction Cooker is a great way to shorten cooking time by up to 40% and help keep nutrients in your food. Its smart panel design and cooking presets simply makes cooking a breeze, a must-have for every condo-dweller.


Keeping it light and easy


“Small meals are great for keeping the pounds off and giving you a little extra energy throughout the day,” says RJ Buenaventura, Philips’ General Manager for Personal Health. “Afternoon treats and pick-me-ups go a long way, but the right gadgets can also help make in-between meals a fun and exciting experience.”


While frying is rightly seen as one of the tastiest ways of cooking, traditional frying also has a reputation for not being very healthy. The Philips Airfryer solves this problem by letting home chefs make fried favorites with little to no oil. The Airfryer’s Rapid Air Technology does away with unwanted fat while retaining all of the crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside goodness offered by the best fried dishes.

Shakes and smoothies on the other hand are great because you can make quick, healthy, and ultimately enjoyable treats out of the available fruits and vegetables at any given time. The Philips Mini Blender gives you more portions of everything from soups and dips to cocktails and other sweet concoctions.



The clothes make the man


Apart from the appliances needed for tasty and healthy home-cooked meals, the complete modern apartment also requires the right sartorial tools as well. After all, condominium living is all about the good life, and that means looking snappy and stylish at all times.


Whatever fashion is preferred by condo-dwellers however, clothes just don’t look good when they aren’t properly pressed. For tidiness and freedom of movement, the Philips Steam Iron is a good choice. Apart from its design, it has a Drip Stop system that protects delicate fabrics from water stains, and a 75g steam boost that can take care even the most stubborn creases. It also boasts of a vertical steam mechanism for hanging fabrics.


“Apartment living definitely has a lot of appeal, but the pace of city life and the physical constraints of the places where we live can make things challenging,” says Reah. “That’s where these tools come in. From cooking tasty, healthy, and quick meals, to managing your ever-growing wardrobe, these appliances make living in a condo much more fun and rewarding.”



Philips will be showcasing more space-friendly yet efficient products in its upcoming PHILIPS HURRAH CONDO CARAVAN activity this July in selected condominium buildings and high rise residences. For more information about our products, visit or check out our Philips Home Living Philippines facebook fan page. You can also call our customer hotline at (632) 6679000 if you are within Metro Manila or 1-800-10-7445477 if you are outside Metro Manila.


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