Filipinos are smart buyers. This is very much evident now among household managers whose buying decisions are driven by factors like versatility and energy efficiency. The latter is especially noticeable in the domestic appliance market due to the fluctuating power issues that the country has been seeing in the past years.

Midea Multicooker and Kettle

Electricity remains as the most utilized energy resource used by households. An estimated 87 percent of 21 million households use it as a power source, placing it as one of the most important concerns of both established and starter homes.

“A lot of our daily activities now are dependent on technology so it is natural that the concern for energy rates is also growing,” explains Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Midea Philippines. “Increasing costs of electricity usage is a reality that we all have to adapt to.”

The silver lining is that technology is also keeping up with the shifting demands of consumers. The small domestic appliance market, for example, is now being flocked by products that place energy-efficiency as top priority.

“If it’s only about finding ways to make electricity bills friendlier to the pocket, then there is no shortage of solutions in the market. The challenge is that some consumers still have these misconceptions that all domestic appliances eat up a lot of electricity,” explains Trapaga.

Answering common appliance challenges

In addition to concerns on energy consumption, there are also misconceptions on the efficiency and usability of innovative small domestic appliances. For multi-cookers, for example, consumers are under the impression that cooking can be complicated and not at par with the traditional way of food preparation.

Midea’s Digital Multi-Cooker and Pressure Cooker addresses these concerns with its suite of innovative features. Its Thermal Circulation technology offers perfectly steamed rice by providing even heating in the cooking pot while its 12 programmed functions and 7 pressure levels promises easy, effortless cooking that save time and energy. Additionally, this pressure cooker is also a good option for health-conscious individuals thanks to its feature of locking in nutrients during the cooking process.

Safety concerns are also a major consideration. Especially in the kitchen where most accidents happen, many fear that using appliances makes one more prone to danger.

“Safety features are an important element that consumers should also look for in appliances,” says Trapaga. “This is particularly important for households with children.”

Kettles, as unassuming as they are, can cause scalding, burning, electric shocks, and fires. Midea addresses these concerns with its Safety Kettle with Sure-Safe Double Wall Technology that makes the exterior safe to the touch. Additionally, it also has a UK Strix control that provides dry boiling and overheating protection and a cord storage for added safety and convenience.

Energy-efficient partners

Enjoying the benefits of innovative home partners do not need to be expensive. For Midea, the brand answers this concern with a solid collection of features dedicated to energy efficiency.

The Midea Multi-Cooker, which can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, cancels out the need to use multiple appliances to prepare a meal. It also only takes 8php of electricity usage to prepare a tender and flavorful Bulalo.

The same also goes for the Midea Safety Kettle which boils twice as fast than an electric stovetop kettle. Not only do you save time, it also provides 50% savings on electrical consumption.

“Misconceptions can get in the way of fully enjoying a lot of conveniences. Wise choices and awareness to these solutions can definitely let households experience these without the constant fear of electric bills and other concerns hanging over their heads,” Trapaga finishes.

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