What makes my four wonderful years as a blogger

What makes my four wonderful years as a blogger

Four years + four blogs and I’m still making things possible. A lot of people kept on asking me on how my life as a blogger has been wonderful.

World of Wonder-eyh

Being an ELF or Ever Lasting Friends (for the uninitiated, it’s the name of King of KPop Super Junior fans.), during my journey as a blogger became stronger when I saw them performed at Best of Best PH concert last April 2015. I realized that everytime I spent my time on my Spotify playlist listening to their songs while at work, they gave me hope on the struggles in life.

Though I live in Quezon City, Taguig has always been a part of my life since I became a digital native in 2011. Whenever I want to destress myself at work, all I have to do to relax in a restaurant or café in SM Aura, and walk around BGC wandering over the buildings.

Meanwhile, as part of my job as a full-time content writer for a Montreal-based website, I’ve been researching and blogging for the earnings of every athletes and Hollywood celebrities that has been given to me as a daily task. I’ve been fascinated over Golden State Warriors’ success as a team, especially my fave NBA player Stephen Curry.

How makes a blogger’s world wonderful? Since May 2011, I didn’t imagine myself to continue blogging. I almost quit twice. I don’t mind if I have a lot of certificate of recognition from a writing project in my room, but helping others about blogging and social media makes me proud as a blogger.

Recently, my best buddy’s superior asked me while I’m having a meeting. “You have four blogs. You tried a lot of niche. What’s next?”, she said. I told her, “I think I fulfilled my duties as a blogger, but I want to explore new things, eh.”

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