With Christmas fast approaching, it won’t be long before everyone’s minds will be occupied with what gifts to give their loved ones during the holiday celebrations.

Mickey and CArs


Thankfully, Philips, a world leader in lighting, provides Christmas shoppers both the opportunity to cut on energy costs and to give shoppers thoughtful gift choices for their friends and family alike. A Philips LED lighting is a gift that is both functional and decorative, satisfying lighting needs, enhancing home ambience, and helping protect the environment all at once.


“Our latest offerings in LED not only provide excellent illumination, they can also help create that perfect ambience for moments spent with those that matter the most this holiday season,” said Christine Villanueva, Country Marketing Manager of Philips Lighting. “The rosy glow on your child’s cheek, a hearty noche buena, laughter shared over mugs of hot chocolate on Christmas morning – all these precious moments are enhanced by the right kind of lighting and the overall aesthetics of a home.”


And because LED lights are energy efficient, receiving them as gifts also means getting something that can realize up to 85% in energy savings, perfect for the practical-minded and eco-conscious in your family. Philips


Philips shares some ideas for gift giving this season. First is the Philips Scene Switch is a 2-in-1 light bulb that changes from warm white light to cool daylight with just the flick of a switch. The white light can be turned on when it is time to work and study, and when it is time to relax, a single flick transforms the light into cool daylight for a more laid-back feel.


Another option is the Deco Classic which gives off a light that is both aesthetic and functional. The Deco Classic light has a rustic look and vintage filament design that can provide a creative touch to the workplace and your home. This light bulb has maximum aesthetic impact when mounted on chandeliers while having the added plus of having low maintenance costs.


The Gen5 LED, which can last 15,000 hours of continuous use, offers high quality white light that lasts. Receiving this light bulb as a gift can give your home a perfect brightness that might even last till next Christmas and beyond.


For kids, there is the Philips’ Imaginative range of lights, which includes the Minnie and Princess ceiling lights are perfect for the kids’ rooms, fostering an atmosphere of fun, imagination, and creativity. The Minnie and Princess ceiling lights have their counterparts for boys as well, particularly the Cars and Mickey ceiling lights.


For more information, visit www.philips.com.ph or check our Philips Philippines facebook fan page.

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