Musik Manila, the country’s premier exhibition of the biggest brands in entertainment design and technology, has showcased the latest trends in entertainment technology featuring the latest in professional audio, video, and lighting equipment. Now on its second year, Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) participated in this event at the World Trade Center, carrying a full range of imported top-of-the-line brands of audio and lighting equipment.
AVSC showcased a dynamic and interactive lighting and audio designs using the latest technology in the professional lighting system industry. AVSC’s set up for “PULSE” — Professional, Unique Light and Sound Experience, kept its audience at awe with sharp rays of light synchronizing with every beat of the music played in the background. The show featured the latest from Robe, SGM, and Cameo lighting systems. AVSC also participated in the outdoor speaker demo showcasing L-Acoustics KARA system during this 2-day exhibit.
PULSE featured DJ ACE RAMOS as guest performer that played quick sets to show how versatile the lighting system is.  AVSC’s booth immediately became a small venue where it looked like it was hosting a small gig or a rave party. With these latest innovations in the lighting technology, creating lighting designs for technical set ups is only limited by one’s imagination. This makes any event— from formal corporate gatherings to the most sophisticated awards, and to the heart-stopping rave parties— look more exhilarating.
Aside from the latest line up of professional lighting system from Robe (Czech Republic), SGM (Denmark) and Cameo (Germany), AVSC also carries premium brands for professional audio systems that pump up any event. This includes LD Systems from Germany, L-Acoustics from France, DPA Microphones from Denmark), Audac Speakers (Belgium) and Focal from France. They also have Sennheiser (Germany) to provide the best microphones and network systems like MyMix (USA) and Optocore (Germany) to keep every equipment in line with every action.
AVSC started with just supplying and distributing equipment until they ventured into design and integration of audio, video and lighting systems. Their extensive and continuous research program in the field of audio-video technology has given AVSC the expertise that gained the trust among a wide range of institutions — from home, churches and houses of worship, schools and universities, touring and rental companies, broadcast, hotels and casinos, among others.
The company’s broad network of business partners, both local and international, translates to excellent after-sales service and support to the customers. For more information about Audio-Video Solutions Corporation and the lineup of products they have to offer, visit their website at

By eccentricyethappy

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