Broken Mirror: A story about Chinese marriage

Broken Mirror: A story about Chinese marriage

If you believe in superstition by the elders, a mirror breaks will break someone’s soul and can be distorted or damaged.

Last week, I was invited to a book launch just in time for the Chinese New Year. I got curious about the story of Aurora Teo Mei Ling. She experienced hardship in life when she was two years old when her mother died. As a child, she felt unworthy of love and neglected during her teenage years.


I heard stories about some ruthless Chinese marriage from my Filipino-Chinese friends. Also, my late grandma experienced just like Aurora, but the difference is that she didn’t know that Angkong does have another family in Hong Kong.

Aurora faced abuse and maltreatment from her previous relationships. I like on how she handled the marriage, especially when she helped out Vivienne during an ordeal in the airport. She’s brave enough to stand up for her rights, just like my mom when she learned about my dad’s affair with our neighbor.

It’s a destiny to have a long lasting marriage or not. Even though Aurora suffered since she was young, she gave the best for her children. Her strength inspired me as a woman. I’m recommend this book for woman who experience this kind of marriage.

Broken Mirror is published bu Caelestis Production, Inc. To know more about this book, you can visit its official website and You may also follow Broken Mirror on Facebook. The book is available at Fully Booked outlets.

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