Get into the beat using wireless speaker Ekotek Max

Get into the beat using wireless speaker Ekotek Max

If you’re an audiophile, there’s a new wireless multimedia speaker set to conquer the market —the Ekoplay Max!

The Ekoplay Max is the perfect multimedia speaker for anyone who loves to play
their music on blast. Its 5-in-1 feature that allows for multiple ways of playing
music also makes it a very practical gadget to have – you won’t have to worry if you
suddenly forget to bring a USB or AUX cord because not only does the Ekoplay
Max have these but you can also connect with it through Bluetooth.

A MicroSD slot is available for those who have a set playlist ready for any occasion
– may it be a chill jamming session with the barkada or a reunion with the family.
And lastly, if you get tired of listening to your own playlist, the Ekoplay Max has
your back! You can tune in to your favorite radio station and jam.
The Ekoplay Max combines versatile playability and great sound. It’s equipped
with a subwoofer that’s definitely going to enhance the sound experience. All these
features are wrapped nicely in this compact design that’s easy to take with you
wherever you go.

Plug in any way you want and set in on max. The Ekoplay Max will be displayed at
Php 1,835 on the Ekotek kiosk in SM Megamall Cyberzone, in Office Warehouse
branches around the metro, and selected Astro and Anson’s branches.

Ekoplay Max Specs:
 Dimensions:
o Main Subwoofer: 3”
o Left and right side speakers: 2”
 Main controls: Master volume
 Frequency response: 100Hz – 20KHz
 SNR: z 70dB
 Power Input: USB 5V
 5-in-1 feature:
o USB input
o AUX input
o MicroSD input
o Bluetooth
o FM Radio

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