Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) puts customer safety at the forefront with the latest feature from RCBC Online Banking that allows customers to protect their cards from cyber threats.


The past months have been rife with the recent trend of banking threats. From fraud to online glitches, it is clear that security is a chief concern when it comes to banking. Given this climate, RCBC, through their Online Banking portal, have taken extra measures to ensure the protection of their customers’ accounts.


With RCBC Online Banking’s newest Card Lock-and-Unlock Feature, RCBC customers are guaranteed that their debit or prepaid cards are protected from security threats.


The Card Lock-and-Unlock feature can be used in any given scenario, from protecting the card from online hackers, to securing the account should the card be stolen or misplaced. RCBC clients can now rest easy with the knowledge that once they lock their cards, all transactions like ATM transactions, point-of-sale (POS) purchases, and online payment are temporarily suspended at their own discretion.


With this feature, cardholders do not have to worry anymore in case they lose or misplace their card by accident. One just needs to log-in to their RCBC Online Banking account, select the ‘Lock/Unlock Card’ option and choose the Debit or Prepaid card they wish to secure. By doing this, their card is instantly protected from being used by anyone else while they try to find their card. No need to call their bank immediately to have their card blocked which can be a hassle for the account holder. In case they find their card, all they have to do is to unlock it through the same manner that they locked it and they can use the card again.


By locking their cards, they are also protected from online threats and cyber hackers. Now that online shopping is gaining popularity, there is also an increased risk of having your card details exposed and used by hackers to make fraudulent purchases online using one’s card. With the Lock- Unlock feature, cardholders can choose to keep their cards locked and unlock it only when they intend to use it for online shopping. After making a purchase, they can lock it again right away to avoid getting their cards hacked.


“Our primary concern has always been the safety of our customers’ accounts and their confidence that their funds are protected.” Says RCBC Digital Banking Group Head, Margarita B. Lopez, “Given the recent increase in cyber threats and ATM skimming in the country, we wanted to provide our customers with a feature that will allow them the option of protecting their Debit or Prepaid cards in the quickest way possible.”


This extra safety measure is just another step in the bank’s ongoing efforts to create secure and convenient spaces for their clients to transact. RCBC Online Banking currently caters to over 300,000 active users all over the country. The bank’s Digital Banking Group continues to innovate their services to bring forward convenient electronic banking products and efficient mobile banking channels.

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