Recently, leading lock manufacturer Kwikset opens its door during their Roadshow Manila 2018 which they showcased stylish designs of their products. They also want to educate Filipinos the importance of every door lock’s safety feature.


Dave Albert, VP and Managing Director of APAC Spectrum Brands INC., warmly welcomed attendees to the event. Guests visited different booths that showed why Kwikset is far different from the other locks in the market.

First stop was the product station where Alvin Tan, Asia Sub Region Product Marketing Manager of Specterum Brands Inc. He showed and let us experience on how easy it was to pick a lock on the common deadbolt lock that most of us use, which got me thinking, how easy it can be for intruders to get inside a typical Filipino household. And then we also got to witness how Kwikset locks work, not even a single person succeeded in attempting to pick it open. From the traditional key-inserted deadbolt to the sophisticated touchscreen that has an additional safety feature, to the convenient and easy to use Kevo deadbolt technology that turns your mobile device to a door key.

If you’re not yet impressed with Kwikset products and maybe you’re thinking “how can this product look well with your new interior?” booth number two is a must-see for you. The Style station shows the variety of designs and inspiration behind every doorknob and lock. Form massive architectural structures like the Sydney Opera house to common household fixtures and materials. Every detail and feature were well thought off, so you’ll be sure that whatever the design of your house is, there is a Kwikset product that will fit your stylish home.

Kwikset Product Manager International Kevin Sander showed how every part of Kwikset products is made and tested to uphold the objectives of the brand that is to provide safety to every households. Kwikset and competing brand’s products where put to chemical and physical test including the use of an electric saw. The tests truly exhibited that a Kwikset lock is a must have to every door in every house everywhere.

Kwikset products are the most durable, stylish, and the safest door knobs and locks in the market. One of the important thing that I’ve learned during the event from Marc Jarvis, General Manager of Asia Sub Region of Spectrum Brands Inc., “A Lock is Not Always A Lock”

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