Blood and gore are not everybody’s cup of tea, and you don’t need to endure them for scares this Halloween season. There are plenty of horror movies that can still get under your skin and making you sleep with the lights on for nights long after watching them. Here are a few that we have in mind:



Abandoned mental hospitals, adventurous young adults, creepy children — Eloise has all the makings of a scary popcorn movie for Halloween. Four friends break into an abandoned asylum for a death certificate that one of them needs to get a large inheritance. Of course, the place is haunted by dark memories and what seems to be a straightforward expedition has turned into a nightmare. Starring Chace Crawford (from Gossip Girl), Eliza Dushku, and Brandon T. Jackson.


The Crucifixion


Ah, the age-old question in the Roman Catholic faith: was it a really demonic possession or a bad case of mental illness? In Bucharest, a priest and several other nuns are jailed for the murder of another nun while performing an exorcism. An investigative journalist tries to get to the bottom of things but got more than she had bargained for.

Exorcisms are scary, no matter which way you look at it. This time, in Incarnate, a scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the hold of demon with powers never seen before. The movie takes a lot of liberties with science and religion, but hey, this is horror. Just go along with it.

Don’t Knock Twice


This will teach you not to knock on doors where a supposedly demonic witch lived. People never learn, but perhaps the story of a Chloe and her estranged mother Jess, will finally drive the lesson home.

Bringing Back the Dead


Of course, what’s a list of creepy movies without a creepy Asian movie in it? Asian horror has a way to make your blood run cold in ways that Hollywood horror can’t. In Bringing Back the Dead, a grieving mother tries to bring her young son’s soul back to be with her at home with the help of her former caregiver. Of course, this does not go as planned, as resurrection rituals tend to do. After several strange and even deadly occurrences in the house, the mother starts to suspect that there may be something wrong with the soul that came back as her son.

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